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Brunswick Bed and Breakfast

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Restored Bed & Breakfast in Brunswick, Maine
1991 thru 2008

Owing a prestigious 150 year old Inn steeped in history is not the job for the faint at heart, or someone who doesn’t have an extensive knowledge of vintage plumbing and electrical systems. Along with my wife we took over ownership and operation of what started out as a failing 6 room B&B and developed it into a prospering 15 room Inn.

Creating private baths for each of the 15 rooms proved to be a major challenge but with an almost forensic design sense the joys and challenges were never ending. Undertaking a complete gutting and rebuilding of the Inn’s kitchen over one 30 day shut down period proved that with proper design and scheduling even the impossible is achievable.

As an architect, owning and renovating an Inn was a joy and a major challenge, it was like being on a “bus-mans holiday”, something not for everyone and definitely a challenge to undertake when you are young!

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