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Friendship Guest Cottage

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Guest House on a 24 Acre Salt Water Farm Friendship, Maine
Completed 1996

The “Guest Cottage”, the first phase of a proposed phase renovation of three structures on this Salt Water Farm, set the tone for future development on the entire property. The original ranch style house was located within the Shore Land Zone requiring us to renovate within the original footprint and expand no more than 30% in either square footage of volume. The solution was to remove a portion of the roof and expand upward. An existing attached garage structure was transformed into a kitchen and dining area that looks out over the water to Monhegan Island beyond.

A 300’ wooden pier built on cribbing was renovated as a part of this initial project. Close coordination with DEP as well as Inland Fisheries was required to obtain the proper permitting. The completed project embodies the lifestyle of a bygone era and the pleasurable summer lifestyle on the coast of Maine.

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